Twelve actors with and without disabilities get ready to meet an audience at eye level and invite you to enter their world.

A biographical piece about love for one’s own body, about being alone and dreams; in the actors own words.

For everyone who doesn’t want to be alone this evening.

Cast: Maria Barbardad, Oliver Dörre, Christiane Fuhs, Manfred Gompelmann, Maria Gompelmann, Anita John, Anja Legewie, Stefan Möller, Annika Queins, Michael Schombel, Beate Schwarzenberg, Johanna Steinmetz

Music: Mikel Ulfik
Assistant director: Nikola Queins
Director: Tina Kukovic-Ulfik

postponed to:

20. September 2020 18:00 Uhr

21. September 2020 19:00 Uhr

12. Oktober 2020 19:00 Uhr

in the FRANZ theatre,
Franzstr. 74
52064 Aachen

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