Text Normal ist was die meisten haben


In the course of the development of the SoSH theater, we founded a theater group with people with and without disabilities in 2017, with which we developed the play “Unter Meiner Haut” in 2018.

In the context of this work, the non-profit association “The School of the Soft Hearts ” was created in 2019, the aim of which is to realize and promote inclusion and participation.

Our World

Our world is increasingly reaching its limits: limits to growth, ecological limits, an emerging end of the usual nation-state division of the world.

The possibility of a paradigm shift seems palpable, if not necessary. Profit and optimization, the right of the stronger / better, blind belief in progress, fear of standstill and empty space / gap; in this mentality the weak, those in need of support, others are tolerated at best.


Finding a cooperation that can think of diversity without hierarchy, that focuses on common ground and not on deficits, that does not wear out on problems but seeks solutions together, such a cooperation could mean a change to the absolutely positive. Of course, this has to be practiced and practiced and we believe that we can do this with our project.

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