The Idea

As communication seems not to work, neither in intimate relationships nor on political or societal levels, and hearts are smothered by material necessities and ruled by the regime of mind, we stepped on the path of performing, music and movement in sincere hope to come together with people all over the world in a playful way.

Physical activity

We emphasize physical activity. Due to the sculpting connection between body and mental processes, deadlocked thinking patterns are more easily changed by movement, especially if movement is filled with feelings.

Soften our hearts

We are a family with three daughters. A family itself does not offer a solution, but holds a chance to soften our hearts and therefore could be a model for wider social groups.

If you can move, you can dance.

If you can talk, you can sing.

If you breathe, you can…

The School of Soft Hearts

Think globally, act locally, laugh frequently – we need to hang in for the long haul!

Tillie Olsen