If you can move, you can dance.

                    If you can talk, you can sing.

                                       If you breathe, you can …     

Workshops Tina

Self-development exercises and solutions for internal blockages on stage

Group dynamic exercises / team building

Exploration of the voice and body

Development of the role biographies

Acting techniques

Workshops Mikel


My workshops:

Martial arts are the physical base I work on, considering the body as a form constituted by thoughts, the mental level. 

Furthermore I teach a vocabulary of Butoh techniques, beginning physically but reaching for connection to emotional content, the soul level.

The aim is to experience the influence of the mental or emotional sphere on my body,  to sense hindrances (like “muscle armor”) and to soften them. I try to quiet down the constant babble of thoughts, amplify my awareness for impulses and surrounding, so that translating images and feelings into physical movement can happen as direct as possible. This could be a profound experience, accidentally touching the spiritual level…

Technically I initiate all movements from the gravitational/energetic center below the navel and try to always maintain connected with it. By repetitive movement, slow motion and proper breathing, I bring my body into a physical alertness and receptive mood for visions. Then I can “feed” sounds, music, images or guide journeys through imagined landscapes. I tend to work with images that carry emotional, “moving” potential such as nature forces (water, wind, trees, darkness…), archetypal or esoteric images. The goal is to discover a realm inside myself, where own prelingual pictures and imaginations can be found. Without the hindrance of ratio a unique dance can be born. The most difficult step is to allow these inner pictures to take over my body to be moved by them.

Warm-up, stretching, meditation, breathing-techniques, isolating body parts to intensify the perception, disturbing habitual movement patterns and imaginary journeys are just a few topics of my workshops.

My work changes with the participants, as I adopt to their possibilities and needs. 

Length variable.

My main sources:

Shinson Hapkido is a training for development and health of body and spirit. It was evolved by grandmaster Ko Myong from traditional Korean martial arts in conjunction with Asian arts of healing and philosophy. By melting eastern and western knowledge, Shinson Hapkido was enhanced to a contemporary holistic “Movement for Life”. As a way to balance inside and outside (polarities in general, symbolized by “Um and Yang”), it includes fighting skills as well as meditation and breathing techniques. Sociality and community are vital issues.

Butoh is an earthbound dance brought into being by Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno in the late 1950s in Japan. It started as a “Dance of Darkness”, but on its journey to the present, it transformed into a myriad of forms.

To term common grounds, one could say Butoh is about the body “being moved” from an internal or external source, rather than consciously moving a body part. A dance initiated by imagined pictures and mental forces as well as the environment surrounding the dancer. Give yourself over, surrender, loose control, strive for honest movement.

My learning path:

◦  First contact with Butoh in 1994. Since then learning from Birgit Aßhoff, Yuri Nagaoka, Tadashi Endo, but mainly from my most-respected teacher Minako Seki.

◦  Learning Shinson Hapkido since 1996; Black belt/1.Dan; regularly giving trainings.

◦  Since 2000 working with RambaZamba-Theater/Berlin (theater with people with intellectual disabilities) as actor, musician, movement-trainer. Improvisations with those authentic actors have been a profound experience and important part of my artistic education.

◦  Deeply interested in spiritual works and searches; over the years I met some mentors/teachers… it´s an ongoing experience. Did a one-year initiation into “western esoteric” (Kabballah, Tarot…) in 2002/03.

◦  Learning from my daughters…