Since 1988 working as a musician & performer.                               

Since 1994 stronger interests in the possibilities of the body; exercises in Butoh                                                                            

Black-Belt/1st Dan in ShinSon HapKiDo (korean martial art)          

since 2000 working as actor/musician/movement-trainer with RambaZamba-Theater (Berlin) with mentally disabled people

Projects with “Theaterwerkstatt Hopfenmühle”, Justyna Sobczyk (Pl), “The Solvents” (UK), “Minako Seki Workgroup”, “UnitedOffProductions”, “AV-Theater” (Iran), “Crazy Body Group” (Iran)

Since 2010: SoSH

Since 2017: Me Still Beat (music)

Since 2019: Rots & Water trainer

Worked for years with physically and mentally disabled as well as with juvenile delinquents

Giving butoh, martial arts, theatre and imagination workshops


Theaterwerkstatt Hopfenmühle, Hof

Theater RambaZamba, Berlin

unitedOFFproductions, Berlin

fotos: Michael Fuchs

Minako Seki Workgroup, Berlin