11 people with and without disabilities between the ages of 18 and 79 tell about themselves: honest, authentic, touching …

A play created from improvisation and interviews.

“Now doesn’t always start now.

Some people say

you can start now

to change something …”

“She said:

But nothing comes from trying.

If you give birth to children,

you also have to see

how you can cope with it. “

“I would probably feel the same way:

when I’m in a group, I’m not necessarily looking for someone who is bad. “

“I asked you something!

If I can’t walk,

then I have to be mentally disabled

as well … “

“Normal is

what most have.”

“I wish

I hadn’t experienced

this hate.”

“You and I,

we breathe in,

breathe out …”

(Fotos: Marcus C. Meierhöfer)

Actors / Texts:

Maria Barbardad, Oliver Dörre, Karla Engelhardt, Christiane Fuhs, Anita John, Tina Kukovic-Ulfik, Andreas Larue, Anja Legewie, Nikola Queins, Michael Schombel, Johanna Steinmetz

Director / Text montage: Mikel Ulfik
Costumes: Tina Kukovic-Ulfik

With the kind support of:

Quartiersprojekt Panneschop – fauna Aachen e.V.,
Lebenshilfe Aachen e.V. / KoKoBe Region Aachen,
gefördert durch Aktion Mensch