January till March 2016, working with the Crazy Body Group in Teheran

“Dance Of Death, B LaLa” directed by Yaser Khaseb

Premiere was at the 34th Fadjr International Theater Festival,

30 more public performances were played at the Iran Shar.

The piece is dedicated to Bahram Reyhani, a famous Iranian pantomime, who died of cancer the year before while working with Yaser.

It is about death, the decision how to die dignified, about hospitals and dance, about spirituality and forgotten rituals, about soul and energy, body and pain.

We met Yaser first time ten years ago, discovering a similar approach to physical theater, ever since dreaming, hoping, planing to work together … this year it came true …

Cast: Yaser Khaseb, Pardis Zare, Ahmad Matouri, Sanaz Najafi, Mikel Ulfik

Musicians: Aso Khazadi, Alisina Rezania, Keyvan Malek