The performance “la love bomb” is based on a true story. It is a story of a young refugee who escaped to Vienna, when the Balkan War broke out. There a new life began for innocent Selma, knowing she would never be able to return to the occupied village of her childhood. It is a story about true friendship and songs about freedom and war to praise the magical moments of life.

Today, more than 50 million people are forced to leave their homes in fear. Children, women and men seek a shelter far away from their place of birth, dreaming of the past and hoping for a better future.

On the stage, the family on the carpet (Michael Ulfik and his three daughters) represent a refugee family eager to survive.

It is an interactive performance in which audience take an active part.

In 4 languages (English, German, Slovenian, Bosnian)

 … – WELCOME – 

               NOT WELCOME –

                            WELCOME –

                                   NOT WELCOME –

                                                   WELCOME – …

In 2013 there were 22 million refugees and double more of IDP (internally displaced people), and there were more than a 100 million of illegal immigrants. The numbers are increasing.


Director: Mikel Ulfik
Actor: Tina Kukovic-Ulfik

Live stage setting: Mikel, Pia Shirin, Sara Yasmin, Kaya Josefin

Songs: Mikel Ulfik

La Love Bomb Song

All the mines underneath

   should not undermine our will

     to come together united

       & work to fulfill

         the aim of mankind

           which is not really clear

             but it´s not to find in anger

               hatred or fear.

                 It´s not to put up borders

                   to fight & to kill

                     to destroy our planet

                       for bank accounts to fill

We have to stop to follow

    our urge for more & more

  we have to stop to follow leaders

     who will lead us to a shore

       where no waters will split

         & no ship will be waiting

  We have to decide for ourselves

    & start to do the right thing

 Brothers & sisters, mothers & fathers

   think for yourself

      & start to act

 Losers & lovers, pretenders & believers

   trigger La Love Bomb

     & aim to connect

  Violence & war

   have to come to an end

 The strong has to offer

   the weak a helping hand

 United we stand,

   divided we fall

 One world, one people,

   justice for all!

This performance is dedicated to our big theatre friend Mo Bunte, born 1942 (Kranewit Theater).